Tooth Whitening

We are proud of offer spa dent in-office tooth whitening for our patients. Dr Coulson selected spa dent for River Valley Dental because of the reduced tooth sensitivity associated with this tooth whitening system, as compared to other in-office systems.

Tooth whitening can lighten the shade of your teeth and remove stain or discoloration caused by aging, certain medications, tobacco, coffee, and tea. Teeth will continue to accumulate stain after whitening, so the procedure may need to be repeated to maintain the lighter color.

Tooth whitening can be done at home or in the dental office.

At-home whitening: The dentist, or dental assistant, will take impressions of your teeth and custom mouthpieces (trays) will be made to fit your teeth. A supply of bleaching gel (usually containing hydrogen peroxide) is applied to the inside of the tray and worn at home for multiple sessions.

In-office whitening: Spa dent tooth whitening is a convenient way to brighten your teeth. It takes 20-40 minutes to complete. The whitening agent (again, a gel containing hydrogen peroxide) is applied to your teeth. Blue and red LED light activates the gel, providing fast, effective whitening.

Both at-home and in-office bleaching can cause increased tooth sensitivity for some people. Spa dent is associated with the least amount of tooth sensitivity and is the tooth whitening system of choice at River Valley Dental.

Whitening procedures should be avoided if you are pregnant.

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